whit anderson holding r2d2

Hi, I'm Whit!

I'm a college student from Atlanta, GA that has just started my journey as a maker. I built this product around a year ago for an accelerator program but stopped pursuing the idea for a multitude of reasons(as an individual character rights are near impossible to acquire plus costs tons of $$$). I learned so much from pursuing the idea and don't regret a second of it. While I am not pursuing this idea, I still wanted to share it with the Product Hunt community and give others who have an Alexa Dot + love Star Wars a chance to download the 3D print file. If you don't have a 3D printer(99% of us) and still want the product - there are plenty of 3D printer services that will print and ship the product if you give them the file. I am shipping 6 side projects in 6 months - subscribe below to access my next product.

Disclaimer for Lucas Films/Disney: I am not profiting in anyway from using R2D2. Don't come after me lol.

If you have questions - use twitter!

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